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Sobre nós

Our name MORABITUR brings together two words: Morabeza and tourism.
Morabeza is a key word of the Cape Verdean idiosyncrasy, and is therefore always richer than any description of it.

Let’s say in summary that Morabeza is the quality attributed to the people of Cape Verde to receive well, with an affable tract, sharing what is and what they have with whom they receive.

This is the superlative desire that Morabitur has: in addition to a quality tourist operation, provide tourists who receive in Cape Verde this capacity of the Cape Verdean people to create a good relationship, a well-being that exceeds the formal quality of a tourist programme.

We are a TOURIST OPERATOR who takes care of providing the most diverse stays and packages to international operators who, in their home markets, intend to program Cape Verde.

We publish in partnership with a communication design company since 1997 1 Biennial brochure that exposes, in 6 languages, exhaustively, the equipment and products that CABO VERDE can make available to tourists.

You will find the contents of this brochure on the pages of this site, enriched with an important gallery of exclusive photos, made over several years on all the islands of this fascinating archipelago.

Morabitur also develops, broadcast programming and internal tourism, providing the Cape Verdeans and all residents in the country the opportunity to spend vacations on any island in the archipelago, or even in various destinations around the world

In all the islands was born, more or less time, a tourist organization (travel agencies and tourism) connected to the Morabitur. In such a way that today we have a network of tourism agencies that cover the entire national territory, with the advantage of finding themselves rooted in almost all and each of the islands that make up Cape Verde.
This group adopted the name TERRA SAB, which gave rise to a wholesale operator of the same name, with the mission of producing tourist packages of domestic and issuing tourism and representing the group at the tourism fairs

We contribute decisively to the enrichment of supply in this sector in Cape Verde, as main promoters of the new national airline, HALCYON AIR, designation that we have been seeking the known multicolor bird inhabiting the islands of Santiago, Fogo and Brava, where he’s known as “Little Birdie.”

The role to be played by this new company in the progress of Cape Verde is of great relevance, as will be demonstrated, in the face of the development outbreak that the country crosses, namely in the area of new international airports, of which will be necessary to radiate the growing traffic to the surrounding islands, and above all to create new links to the increase of tourism, both internally and internationally

Also in this chapter, Morabitur and its group have developed an important role in the development of the tourist operation in Cape Verde.

Each tourist agency has equipped buses and minibus duly prepared for the transportation of tourists.

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Djadsal houses, street of hotels, Santa Maria, Sal • Cape Verde
Phone: (238) 242 20 70
Mobile: (238) 918 73 00 * (238) 918 73 07
E-mail: morabitur.santamaria@morabitur.com

Sobre nós


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